Development Pointscores


A series pointscore is run in conjunction with each of the Summer and Winter Development Series. Generally there are four meets in each of the series. See below for details of how the pointscore is determined.


Results from each meet with Series points are shown in the following table along with the final rankings by points separated into development and intermediate levels for both girls and boys.


Meet 1
Meet 2
Meet 3
Meet 4
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2018-19 pdf pdf pdf pdfpdf
Winter 2019pdf


Overall Pointscore Winners



Development BoysDevelopment Girls
Intermediate Boys
Intermediate Girls
Winter 2019Justin Hsu - Ginninderra
Ava McIntyre - Goulburn
Rylen Campbell - Ginninderra
Hannah Allen - Ginninderra
2019-20Anzac Longley - Canberra

Annabel Feld - Goulburn

Stella Douglas - Goulburn

Dylan Bryant - Aquatots
Isla Hogan - Tuggeranong Vikings



Determining the Pointscore


  • The first time an event is swum in a given Series the swimmer receives 2 points.
  • Swimmers earn "improvement" points from the second time they swim a particular event within a given Series.
  • From the second swim for each event, points are awarded against the swimmers' previous Series best time in that event.


Series points are accumulated at each meet on the following basis:


 Points Scored
0 points
if swimmer does not finish an event or is disqualified
1 pointif swim does not equal or better previous best Series time
2 pointsif equal to or better than previous best Series time but less than 1 second faster
3 pointsif better than previous best Series time by 1 second but less than 2 seconds
4 pointsif better than previous best Series time by 2 second but less than 3 seconds
5 pointsif better than previous best Series time by 3 seconds or more
2 pointsfor each first swim for a stroke and distance IN THE SERIES




At the conclusion of each Series swimmers are assessed to determine if they are considered to be Intermediate or Development level. Each swimmers current best time (long course for summer; short course for winter) at the conclusion of the Series is used to determine if they are rated at Intermediate level or above for their age group as at the date of the last Series meet.