Swimming ACT could not provide the support to our swimmers without the efforts of the many volunteers who give so generously of their time and expertise. Whether it helping with timekeeping at a meet or taking on specific roles within the organisation everyone who contributes in any way helps our swimming community. To all thoe who have contributed in any way to Swimming ACT or our member clubs "Thank You".


Swimming ACT recognises the contribution of our volunteers through a range of measures: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteer of the Year and the granting of Life Membership on deserving individuals. This page recognises those who have been recognised for their contribution to the swimming community through the Volunteer of the Month and Volunteer of the Year awards.


February 2019Kim MallettCanberra
January 2019Fiona JohnstoneTelopea
December 2018Sarah SmithQT Swimming
November 2018Tracey Menzies
October 2018
Stacey PondesBurley Griffin
September 2018Lori GouldTuggernanong Vikings
August 2018Tundra ReidGinninderra
July 2018Leon SanftGinninderra
June 2018Brad ImhoffGinninderra
May 2018Di SilkQueanbeyan Leagues
April 2018Maddie FlemingWoden
2017-18Fiona Johnstone
Tuggeranong Vikings
March 2018
Harald MirliebBurley Griffin
February 2018Marcus StokesWoden
January 2018FIona Johnstone
Tuggeranong Vikings
December 2017Murray SmithCanberra
November 2017Annette TabkeTelopea
October 2017
Peter Cooper
Tuggeranong Vikings
September 2017
Fiona JohnstoneTuggeranong Vikings
August 2017
Brad ImhoffGinninderra
July 2017Di SilkQueanbeyan Leagues
June 2017David MurphyTuggeranong Vikings
May 2017
Lori GouldTuggeranong Vikings
April 2017
Trevor WuthBurley Griffin
Murray SmithCanberra
March 2017

Harald Mirlieb

Irene Eliason

Burley Griffin


February 2017Lorraine Wuth
Burley Griffin
January 2017Brian SuttonGinninderra
December 2016Murray SmithCanberra
November 2016Brad ImhoffGinninderra
October 2016Bianca LedbrookTuggeranong Vikings
September 2016

David Murphy

Kade Burgess

Tuggeranong Vikings

Burley Griffin

August 2016John O'NeillGinninderra
July 2016Jenny DunstanCanberra
June 2016Cathy ThebridgeWoden
May 2016
Lorraine Wuth
Burley Griffin
April 2016
Di SilkQueanbeyan Leagues