Life Members

Swimming ACT recognised the significant contribution made to administration and support of swimming in the ACT and surrounding area by a group of wonderful people who have given generously of their time and expertise. The following people have been elected Life Members.


Doyne Hunt (dec)
 Maurice Arundel
 Peter Freney (OAM)
 Joan Kellett (OAM) (dec)
 Ian Lamb
 Judy McLeod
 John Skene (OAM)
 Peter Love (dec)
 Lou Cossetto (dec)
 Harry Kellett (dec)
 Henry Hatch (dec)
 Lorraine Wuth
 Bill Taylor (dec)
 Sue Richardson
 Garry Richardson
 Bernie Marcus (dec)
 Carmon Funnell (dec)
 David Murphy
 Trevor Wuth
 Les Barclay
 Rod Hore
 Di Silk
 Jenny Dunstan